FCT is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr David Retallack as CEO of FCT Combustion for the Asia Pacific region.

With a wealth of experience in upper management roles across the FCT International Group of Companies, Mr Retallack has most recently been responsible for the strength of sister subsidiary FCT Flames.

In this position, Mr Retallack oversaw the flame design and engineering for the Olympic cauldrons in London 2012 and Rio 2016, as well as torches, cauldrons and flame effects across a variety of other sporting events including the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics, Pan American Games, European Games and Asian Games, among others.

Chairman Con Manias said the board was pleased to welcome Mr Retallack to this new position, given his strong record of leadership and technical experience in combustion.

“David has been an integral part of the FCT leadership team since 1999 and has been responsible for the continued growth of FCT Flames to become the world leader in flame effects across the globe,” he said.

“With previous experience as General Manager Engineering and General Manager Business Development within FCT Combustion, as well as initiating our European subsidiary in 2007, David is well placed to ensure our industrial combustion clients continue to enjoy the best products, service and solutions available.”

Mr Retallack commenced in his new position in January 2019, whilst also retaining leadership of FCT Flames.